The University of Sufism and Modern Sciences, a public sector university is situated in Bhitshah, Sindh it Vision is “character building of the human being by accelerating progress in the discipline of Sufism and modern sciences to address present Challenges, Empowering the students on fulfilling their academic and professional passions, strengthening dynamic and dedicated faculty to explore the diversified education which focuses on tolerance, harmony and brotherhood”
Our Mission Statement is “The University of Sufism and Modern Sciences creating a transformative, collaborative educational environment for attracting and retaining the diverse national talent where innovation, Excellence and humanity”

Key Features

<> Innovation – learning processes with compelling new learning experiences that afford complexity, legitimacy and development challenges
<> Excellence - Always doing what we say we will and striving for excellence and quality in everything
<> Humanity - Behaving with high dignity and valuing the others norms and notions
The highly qualified faculty from well reputable Universities the pool of research resources with innovation and skills the well equip faculty for scholars on farming their research notions.
The viability on discourses, meetings, online seminars, conferences, Entrepreneurial workshops and interdepartmental workshops.
The Vitality on facilitating the intellectuals/ Scholars / Delegations
The quality assures practices and procedures
The healthy practices of indoor and outdoor games equally for girls and boys
The sustainable partnership and memorandum of understandings with stakeholders
Well-equipped classrooms with multimedia projectors
Labs for Computer Science & Information Technology Students
Library with more than 10000 print books and more than 100000 electronic books


BBA (Hons) 4 years
BS (Hons) 4 years Commerce
BS 4 years Information Technology
BS 4 years Computer Science
B Ed. (Hons) Elementary
ADE Elementary
B Ed. (2.5 years) Secondary
B Ed. (1.5) Secondary


The Center promotes researches on Sufi’s thoughts and teachings that are currently needed to our generations to create viable religious harmony and discourage the extremism and fundamentalism that causes many disappointing incidents almost in each nook and corner of the world. It is functioning on teachings and culture of tolerance which offers relief to people from mental distress, and anxieties. The scientific and pragmatic the approach is particularly taken in hands for a human being on earth to bring peace, promote tolerance and search true enlightenment from thoughts and teachings of Sufi saints. The institutionalization through establishing Center for Sufi Studies Research and publication is the best solution to make the pool of intellectuals and address confrontations, religious extremism and intolerance in the present circumstances. It is stimulant on improving research skills, knowledge, wisdom, good behavioral changes and the process of transformations innovations, researches to the generations.


BS Commerce and ADE
Admission Fee______________________ 2000
Marks Certificate Verification Fee___1500
ID Card Fee__________________________ 200
Per Course Fee______________________1200
Univ Development Fee______________1000
Computer Lab Fee___________________ 500
Library Development Fee ___________ 300
Sport Fee___________________________ 1000
BBA. BSCS, BS IT, B.Ed Secondary
Admission Fee________________________2000
Marks Certificate Verification Fee____ 1500
ID Card Fee ___________________________ 200
Per Course Fee ______________________ 1500
Univ Development Fee_______________1000
Computer Lab Fee ____________________ 500
Library Development Fee _____________ 300
Sport Fee_____________________________1000


For BBA/BS Com, IT, CS & Education Program:
Candidates must have Intermediate/ F.Sc with minimum 50% marks passed in annual examination.
For B Ed. (Hons) Elementary ADE (2 years)
Candidate must have 12 years of education from any Board of Education
For B Ed. (2.5 year) Secondary:
Candidates must have 14 years of Education with minimum 50% marks passed from any HEC recognized University/Institution.
For B Ed. (1.5 year) Secondary:
Candidates must have 16 years of Education with minimum 50% marks passed from any HEC recognized University/Institutions