Information Technology has changed the face of the world with its various upcoming technologies in diverse fields of industry and education. Pakistan is a developing country and Information Technology (IT) is playing a vital role in strengthening its economy by producing world class IT solutions. The Department of Information Technology (IT) at USMS has been established with the aim to provide high quality education, which will result in producing IT. The Department is keen to keep up with the rapid changes and latest advancements in the IT domain. Accordingly, the faculty exerts continuous efforts for the development of its learning, teaching, research and curriculum resources aligned with Higher Education Commission (HEC). Our academic staff members are committed not only to deliver technical knowledge but also transfer social skills to enable the students to explore the potential of the society.


Our vision is to build an environment where all students, staff and community have easy access to technology resources and information, and to provide an infrastructure that supports the goals. Further, the students will be exposed to the current trends in Information Technology which will enable them to become leaders in the IT field.


The mission of the Information Technology Department is to teach liberally educated, articulated and skilled computer scientist for leadership and professional careers. It promotes creativity and team work in a student-oriented learning environment. Department strive for excellence in creating, applying, and imparting knowledge in Information Technology through comprehensive educational programs and research base teaching, and expect our graduates to provide service to professional societies, the community, and the nation.

Program Objectives

  • To apply computational, scientific and mathematical information to the relevant disciplines.
  • Identify best practices and standards and their applications.
  • To examine complex problems, identify and describe the computational requirements suitable for solving them.
  • Identify and analyze the needs of users and take them into account when choosing, creating, evaluating and managing computer systems.
  • Design, implement, and evaluate systems which are based on computer, processes, components, or programs to meet desired needs and requirements with various constraints.
  • Effectively integrate IT solutions with the user environment.
  • Apply knowledge using modern technologies, skills, tools and practices required by IT professionals.
  • To be able to act effectively as a member of a development team recognizing various roles in a team to achieve common goals.
  • Assistance in developing an effective IT project plan

Our Program

We offer the BS Information Technology, with the help of experienced, highly qualified teachers. The course contents are based on curriculum provided by the Higher Education Department.

Course Scheme

1st Semseter 1st Year
Course Code Course Title Cr. Hr.
IT-301 Programming Fundamental 3+1.
ENG-301 Functional English 3.
IT-302 Basic Electronics 3+1.
ISL301/H301 Islamic Studies / Ethics 2.
MTH-301 Calculus and Analytical Geometry 3
IT-303 Fundamentals of ICT 3+1.
Total 20
2nd Semseter 1st Year
Course Code Course Title Cr. Hr.
IT-351 Object Oriented Programming 3+1.
ENG-351 Communication & Presentation Skills 3.
IT-352 Digital Logic Design 3.
MTH-351 Probability and Statistics 3.
ITβ€”353 Discrete Structures 3.
H-351 Principle of Psychology 3.
Total 19
3rd Semseter 2nd Year
Course Code Course Title Cr. Hr.
IT-401 Data Structures & Algorithms 3+1.
IT-402 Professional Practices 2.
IT-403 Microprocessor and Interfacing Techniques 2+1.
MTH-401 Applied Physics 3.
MTH-402 Linear Algebra 3.
PS-401 Pakistan Studies 2.
Total 17
4th Semseter 2nd Year
Course Code Course Title Cr. Hr.
IT-451 Operating Systems 3+1.
IT-452 Database system 3+1.
IT-453 Computer Communication and Networks 3+1.
IT-454 IT Project Management 3.
IT-455 Python Programming Language 2+1.
Total 18
5th Semseter 3rd Year
Course Code Course Title Cr. Hr.
IT-501 Web Development 3+1.
IT-502 System and Network Administration 3+1.
IT-503 Software Engineering 3.
CS-514 Human Computer Interaction 3.
IT-504 Modeling and Simulation 3.
IT-504 Routing Protocol Concept 3+1.
Total 19
6th Semseter 3rd Year
Course Code Course Title Cr. Hr.
IT-551 Information Security 3.
IT-552 Human Computer Interaction 3+1.
IT-553 Operation Research 3.
IT-554 IT Infrastructure 3.
IT-555 Human Resource Management 3.
Total 16
7th Semseter 4th Year
Course Code Course Title Cr. Hr.
IT-601 Final Year Project – I 0+3.
IT-602 Artificial Intelligence 3+1.
IT-603 Mobile Application Development 2+1.
IT-604 Data sciences 3.
IT-605 Compiler Construction and Automata Theory 3+1.
Total 17
8th Semseter 4th Year
Course Code Course Title Cr. Hr.
IT-651 Final Year Project – II 0+3.
IT-652 Internet of Things 3.
IT-653 Computer Vision 3.
IT-654 Enterprise Systems 3.
Total 15