Software Engineering program at USMS is designed to produce graduates that are accustomed to the field of software engineering, ranging from the theoretical to practical. A software engineer can specialize in areas such as software engineering, requirement engineering, quality engineering, software testing and project management. The Software Engineering Department at USMS is offering a four-year BS Software Engineering (BSSE) degree since 2023 to fulfil the need of the growing software market in the country and abroad. Graduates from the Software Engineering Department are ready to embark upon an exciting career in a diverse range of software technology-rich companies and industries. Software Engineering department aims to deliver a strong and coherent academic software engineering program for the development of skilled manpower. The curriculum is in line with NCEAC, Higher Education Commission (HEC) regulations to equip students with the latest skills for industry and research activities. Software Engineering graduates will be able to:

  • Utilize their analytical and problem-solving skills to excel in the various dimensions of development, innovation, production and research.
  • Contribute for the betterment of humanity and society while exercising professional practices and ethics.• Contribute for the betterment of humanity and society while exercising professional practices and ethics.
  • Uphold the tenets of their profession and to adhere to the codes of professional practice and ethics of their field.
  • Demonstrate continuous learning and work effectively in diverse and competitive environments.

Program Objectives

The Software Engineering program prepares students to attain the educational objectives by ensuring that students demonstrate achievement of the following expected outcomes:

  • Engineering Knowledge: An ability to apply mathematics, science and engineering fundamentals and an engineering specialization to the solution of complex computer engineering problems.
  • Problem Analysis: An ability to identify, formulate, and analyze complex computer engineering problems and to be able to acquire substantiated conclusions using principles of computer engineering, natural sciences and engineering sciences.
  • Design/Development of Solutions: An ability to design solutions for complex computer engineering problems and design systems, components or processes that meet specified…

Our Program

We offer four-year BS Software Engineering (BSSE) , with the help of experienced, highly qualified teachers. The course contents are based on curriculum provided by the Higher Education Department.