Department of Business Administration


University of Sufism and Modern Sciences, BhitShah is offering the Bachelor of Business Administration BBA (HONS) ,full time 4-years degree programme under the Department of Business Administration, which comprises of 8-Semesters as recommended by Higher Education Commission. Department of Business Administration has thoroughly updated curriculum of all programs as per the guideline of HEC and international standards. In addition to course work in the major areas, the curriculum includes core courses in all functional areas of business, and supporting course work in mathematics, communications, statistics, and information systems.


The Department of Business Administration aims to be one of the leading institutions, nationally and internationally, for learning, research, innovation and adding value to society.


The Department of Business Administration is committed to cater to the demands of the evolving challenges of learning and teaching by enabling and leveraging technology in the pursuit of scholarship. Insightful as well as relevant research is undertaken that creates economic and societal impact.

This department aims to foster the ability to think critically through experiential learning, inquiry based learning and case teaching across several dimensions. Aiming to prepare for the challenges of inclusive growth and sustainability, it advocates the development of future leaders to meet the economic challenges emanating from the evolving local and global paradigms.

Program Objectives

The students who earn the BBA degree will be able to:

  • Communicate effectively and professionally and demonstrate the ability to create coherent written and oral statements with the diverse audience across the cultures replicating skills to analyze and synthesize information.
  • Demonstrate the ability to identify and evaluate relevant information for decision-making and make usage of diagnostic thinking skills and analytical techniques to assess the information and solve problems in the environment like ours characterized by uncertainty
  • Understand the importance of teamwork and group dynamics in achieving organizational goals and demonstrate ability to work effectively in teams.
  • Acknowledges and understands significance of cultural diversity adapt their interpersonal behaviours and styles accordingly
  • Understand various leadership styles and demonstrate proven ability in exercising these styles according to the requirement of the situation.
  • Understand the dynamics of the organizational conflict and power and politics and make use of their analytical and interpersonal skills accordingly.

  • Our Program

    We offer the BBA, with the help of experienced, highly qualified teachers. The course contents are based on curriculum provided by the Higher Education Department.

    Course Scheme

    1st Semseter 1st Year
    Course Code Course Title Cr. Hr.
    BUS-311 English I 3.
    BUS-312 Arabic / Chinese I 3.
    BUS-313 Introduction to Computing 3.
    BUS-314 Contemporary World 3.
    BUS-315 Microeconomics 3.
    BUS-316 Islamic Studies 3.
    Total 18
    2nd Semseter 1st Year
    Course Code Course Title Cr. Hr.
    BUS-321 English II 3
    BUS-322 Arabic / Chinese II 3.
    BUS-323 Business Mathematics 3
    BUS-324 Human Psychology 3
    BUS-325 Introduction to Management 3
    BUS-326 Pakistan Studies 3
    Total 18
    3rd Semseter 2nd Year
    Course Code Course Title Cr. Hr.
    BUS-411 Oral Communication 3.
    BUS-412 Business Statistics 3.
    BUS-413 Macro Economics 3.
    BUS-414 Financial Accounting-I 3.
    BUS-415 Introduction to HRM 3.
    BUS-416 Sociology 3.
    Total 18
    4th Semseter 2nd Year
    Course Code Course Title Cr. Hr.
    BUS-421 Business Communication 3
    BUS-422 Principles of Marketing 3
    BUS-423 Environmental Sciences 3
    BUS-424 Financial Accounting II 3
    BUS-425 Pakistan Economics 3
    BUS-426 Business Finance 3
    Total 18
    5th Semseter 3rd Year
    Course Code Course Title Cr. Hr.
    BUS-511 Cost Accounting 3.
    BUS-512 Marketing Managemen 3.
    BUS-513 Logic 3.
    BUS-514 Financial Management 3.
    BUS-515 Business Law 3.
    BUS-516 Specialization I 3.
    Total 18
    6th Semseter 3rd Year
    Course Code Course Title Cr. Hr.
    BUS-521 Business Ethics 3
    BUS-522 Organizational Behaviour 3
    BUS-523 Consumer Behaviour 3
    BUS-524 MIS 3
    BUS-525 Specialization II 3
    Total 15
    7th Semseter 4th Year
    Course Code Course Title Cr. Hr.
    BUS-611 Business Research & Report Writing 3.
    BUS-612 Operations Management 3.
    BUS-613 Entrepreneurship 3.
    BUS-614 Specialization III 3.
    Total 12
    8 th Semseter 4th Year
    Course Code Course Title Cr. Hr.
    BUS-621 Project / Two Elective Courses 6
    BUS-622 Business Policy 3
    BUS-623 International Business Management 3
    BUS-624 Specialization IV 3
    Total 15

    Faculty Members

    Dr. Qamar Abbas

    Business Administration
    Assistant Professor

    Mr. Saddam Hussain

    MBA (Finance) SZABIST)
    BBA (Finance) SZABIST

    Mr. Danish Riaz

    PhD (in Progress) MUISTD (MUET)
    MBA (Finance) SZABIST
    BBA (Finance) SZABIST

    Ms. Noresh Keerio

    PhD (in Progress)UoS Jamshoro
    MBA/MS/MPhill (HRM)UoS Jamshoro
    BBA (HRM) Isra University