Tender Notice

Sealed Tender are invited from GST, Income Tax Registered manufactures or their authorized dealer / supplier for the supply of stores as detailed below:

Starting Date of Issuance for all 19-06-2017 Last Date of Issuance for all 04-07-2017
S No. Tender No. Computer & Gen/DDF/001/2017
  Detail of Tender Quantity Tender Fee
1 Supply of Computer Core i7 RAM, Hard Drive, Optical Drive, Casing, LED Monitor etc. 15 Nos Rs. 500
2 Supply of Computer Core i5 RAM, Hard Drive, Optical Drive, Casing, LED Monitor etc. 5 Nos Rs. 500
3 Generator 60 KVA 1 Nos Rs. 500

Terms and Conditions:

  • Procurement method is to be applied single stage, two envelopes.
  • The Tender shall also provide the Evidences of Financial Turnover amount in Rupees for at least last 3 years and 2 year relevant experience.
  • Price valid for 60 Days must be quoted on FOR basis for Karachi inclusive all taxes, duties and other charges also along with 2.5% earnest money in the shape of Pay Order in favor of Vice Chancellor, USMS, Bhitshah / GST must be quoted separately along with the copy of GST Registration Certificate where applicable.
  • Sealed Tender must be delivered / dropped in the Tender Box available at Purchase Section of the University on or before prescribed date and time which will be opened publicly in the presence of the bidders or their authorized representative on the same day at 3:00 pm.
  • Delivery is to be computed within prescribed period from the date of contract schedule.
  • Tender documents can be obtained from cashier of the University w.e.f. 19-6-2017 between 8:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. on all working days through written request on letter head by making payment of the Tender Fee indicating each tender, in the shape of Pay Order in favor of Vice Chancellor, USMS, Bhitshah.
  • The Tender should be addressed to Deputy Director Finance at the above address in case of any disturbance the bids shall be submitted and opened as per given schedule on the next working day.
  • Any quotation not containing to specification and terms & conditions shall be rejected, however on request, ground for rejection of bid can be communicated.
  • The procuring Agency may reject any or all bids or postpone date as per relevant provisions of SPPRA Rule 2010 and divide business amount more than one bidder.
  • The firms are bound to deliver each item at consignee end and transportation charges will be borne by the contractor.
  • Deputy Director Finance, USMS, Bhitshah

Evaluation Criteria for Supply of Computer with Accessories and Generator 2017
The Technical Bids shall be Evaluated on the basis of following parameters:
Sr # Evaluation Parameters Total Marks Brief
Company / Firm / Individual Information
1 Required Field Marks
No of Years in Business 10 45 02 marks for each year in business (Max 10)
Annual Turnover in Millions 15 0.75 marks per million turnover (Max 15)
NTN Registration Certificate 10 10 marks if has NTN Certificate
Sales Tax Registration Certificate 10 10 marks if firm is registered with sales tax department
2 Technical ProposalSpecification & Brochures 10 10 10 marks if the bidder provides complete details and specification of items to be supplied for which he want to quote
3 Financial Capabilities 25
Income Tax Annual Returns of 3 Years 9 03 marks on production of each year Tax paid Returns (Max 9)
Audited Financial Statements of 3 Years 6 02 marks on production of Financial Statement Report (Max 6)
Monthly Sales Tax Summaries of last 10 months 10 1 marks on production of each month record (Max 10)
Relevant Field Experience 20 20 04 marks for each similar complexity assignment (documented proof) Max 5 assignment
Note :Firm must get 75% marks in Technical Evaluation for qualifying as per above mentioned criteria

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