Islam, being a divine religion has manifold effects on various fields of life. Islamic philosophy, practices and their scope has grown extensively in the current era. Within Islam there are different theologies and practices.
One mode is, Sufism or Islamic Mysticism which is planned as the over- arching theme for an international event under the title of “International Multidisciplinary Conference on Sufism and Modern Sciences”, scheduled on November 22-23, 2022
Mystical Islamic belief or Sufism and its practices help to seek the love of God and His true path; the Sirat –i- Mustaqeem for humanity. By endowing human beings with education, one can establish a firm relationship between Creator and creatures.
Sufism can play a vital role in the formation of society and its development through the implementation of divine laws in the social development and strengthen the relationship among the creatures and influenced by the piety associated with Islamic Mysticism. The modern world has great need of spiritual values which cast their influence on scientific and professional life

International Multidisciplinary Conference on Sufism & Modern Sciences

University of Sufism and Modern Sciences, Bhitshah, was established in 2011. Since 2019, five departments and a Centre for Research and Publications on Sufism have been operating. The university will organize an International Multidisciplinary Conference on Sufism and Modern Sciences”, scheduled for November 22-23,2022. Mystical Islamic beliefs or Sufism and its practices help to seek love with God and guidance for the Sirat e Mustaqeem, the actual path for humanity. This conference will provide an opportunity and a platform at the international level at this university. Your goodness and the researchers are requested to contribute to this conference. Your work can be presented in person or online. Any researchers wishing to publish their work in recognized journals; will play a role in bridging you for the same. Terms and conditions for the publications will apply. You are requested to send your novel work on the following relevant topics with the following list. We would appreciate it if you kindly send the title, abstract, and full manuscript as per schedule, already published. Our team will be in touch with you.


for further Deatils & Queries about Conference & Registration
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Dr. Muhammad Qasim Memon